The last few days I spent in Edmonton. I was preparing some field stuff  (cleaning camera traps, testing bear collars, checking SD cards) and getting in though with interesting people…

We already had a quick visit at the field site to check the cabin where we will be sleeping for at least some weeks. I already saw a lot of birds and mammals.
Near the study site we saw bighorn sheep, elk, white-tailed deer, mule deer and a coyote. No pictures yet, but I included a picture of the cabin

probably the cabin where  we will spend the summer

Most of my time I”ll be checking this camera traps (after we put them in the field ;)). We will put them on trails to check human use and use of wildlife of the trails. I checked already some pictures of last year, and it looks promising.

Additional to this camera traps we have 8 collared Grizzly bears, which are all still working after the winter. We might try to recapture some to renew the collar.

some cameratraps

some camera traps

testing bear collars

testing bear collars

Off course I took some time to explore the city and the 4th biggest shopping centre in northern America, but probably just because they have a water park, some aquarium with a sea lion and some reptiles and a roller coaster included.

Besides that I had a social life as well, watching ice hockey in a pub with some PhD students, we went for some drinks, did some bbq-ing. Oh yeah, btw yesterday was 30°.




wildlife in edmonton

wildlife in Edmonton

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall


2 thoughts on “Edmonton

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  2. Karel Tops

    Renewing a bear his collar, for the first time, must be a rater exciting experience! I want to hear more of it. Keep me informed ;-). Ps: Here the weather is minor: wind, rain and just 15°C.


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