Summer 2014: It’s time for Africa!

It’s time for a new blog, a new adventure (or the other way around).
I’ll try to update this blog a couple of times in the next months, although I’m not sure how much internet access I will get over there….

First of all, here is my plan:
First I’ll join a research project where I applied for in December 2013
I’ve met the PhD student before when I was studying Wildlife Biology at the Grimsö research station (Sweden). Somewhere during my stay in Slovakia we arranged a skype meeting with crappy internet, but it worked out… I was accepted.
Title of the project:“Relationships between environmental factors, large mammal densities and visitor abundances in African Protected Areas”
This trip will start on the 25th of June when I’ll fly to Johannesburg, so I’ll watch Belgium-South Korea from Johannesburg, at least I hope :-). The next day I’ll fly to Maun in Botswana. From here I’ll join the rest of the team and we go to Chobe National Park to count some animals and tourists.
In the beginning there was also an other South African National Park and a Namibian National Park included, but there were some problems with getting permissions. After roughly a month or so we will move on the Namibia to check out why we didn’t get a permission and stuff and we ‘ll try to get as much data as possible, or try to find some other solutions…
This project is a bit flexible, but I hope I can stay there till the middle/end of September…
Cape Leopard Trust
The second part of my adventure will be in the Namaqua land in West South Africa, where I’ll join a research project of the Cape Leopard trust from end of September till the end of November. I was lucky to meet these people last year in Canada and now I get the opportunity to work with them in South Africa. I’m really looking forward to this as well.



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