Getting there

already over 48h hours of travelling and still not there…
It all started in Amsterdam and apparently some people in Belgian and France were striking.
So we finally made it to Paris with some delay… So the flight to Johannesburg was already gone (as the flight to Brasil for some german guys on our flight).
So free hotel room with breakfast it was. Next flight 24h later.
Last night we finally got on a plane to Johannesburg, but this morning we just had 70 mins to pass by passport control, get our luggage and get on the flight to Botswana, so we didn’t made that either. So an other hotel room next to the airport of Johannesburg… thanks to Air France…

Tomorrow we will finally fly to Maun in Botswana!
I’m getting used to the hotel life and waiting for ages, but it’s going to end soon, as the internet access, but at least I already managed to get on update online.

I’m really looking forward to get out there!


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