Wild dogs and more leopard stories

Always new stories from the bush in Africa…
15/07 we got up very early to check at Marabou pan (Savuti, Chobe national park) for animals…
We saw a civet in our spotlights of the car, but at the pan there was not that much to see, except for tsesebees and some warthogs. So we waited for some tourists to interview.
In the afternoon we decided to check some road we had checked before… never a good idea… so after 620m we got stuck. And of course our shuffles were in the other car and at camp, so it was digging with our bare hands. We finally got out and we took some pictures, not knowing we were stuck again. After digging out our car 3 times, we managed to get back on the ‘good’ main sand road… a well deserved shower afterwards and bedtime it was.

16/07 again we tried to get some tourists interviewed at Marabou pan, although we didn’t got up that early this time. Around 11 in the morning it was time to leave the Marabou pan and go for the transects… guess what… on our way to the transects we saw an other leopard. This time the film crew vehicle was standing a couple of meters away from it, so we knew there was something. And it was a leopard… but once again, the best thing of the day had yet to come!
In the evening when returning from the camp ground form interviewing tourists, we saw wild dogs, first about 4 of them! Aparently they just killed an impala and where dragging it across the river, it was awesome… It was close to an office of the parks staff, and I think they tried to scare them away a bit, so I got over the bridge and was waiting for the wild dogs to get back in the bush… and they came. I got on my knees and the wild dogs were looking at me, still about 100m away, but they came and ran towards me, so I stood up again and after that they disappeared in the forest. All the other tourist as crazy behind them… as trained biologists, we knew they just made a kill and will come back, so we took the best spot on the carcass and after 5 min the wild dogs were back, as all the tourists around us. This time about 10 wild dogs. We could see them pulling the whole impala carcass apart. Crazy wild dogs… it was quite dark, but I have some good pictures.

Craziness in Botswana, I had never expected this, leopard and wild dogs on one day…

I still have more stories, I just need to find the time to write about them.
For the moment back in Johannesburg. First project almost finished. Now I’m checking busses to go to Cape Town/ Stellenbosch to visit a friend and make my way slowly to Namaqualand, where my next project about leopards and lifestock starts…


hopefully I uploaded some pictures below :-)







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