Southern Africa

Southern Africa (Botswana & South Africa) – 2014



PhD project: “Relationships between environmental factors, large mammal densities and visitor abundance in African Protected Areas”

From June 2014 on I spend my time in Southern Africa for a couple of months. First I join a PhD student from the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F). Here I conduct transect counts and interact with tourists about their findings in the park. Here I got the opportunity to get really good sightings of African mammals and I got a bit of insights in their behaviour as well. This was a great experience.

More about this experience you can read in my blog about Botswana


South Africa

Predator Ecology and Coexistence Experiment.

After that I’ve joined the Cape Leopard Trust in South Africa. Here I got involved in a research project about the interaction between predators (leopards, caracals, jackals) and livestock. We conducted camera trap surveys, small mammal trapping, capturing caracals, vegetation surveys, …

Checking cage traps remotely

Checking cage traps remotely

Caracal track

Caracal track

Urban Caracal Project
This project focuses on the small population of caracals on the peninsula of Cape Town and the potential dangers of hybridization, human-wildlife conficts, …

Working on the foothills of Table Mountain (Cape Town, SA)

Working on the foothills of Table Mountain (Cape Town, SA)

Cape Town by night

Cape Town by night


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